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Family Law

Pre-Nuptial Agreements - Step-parent and Relative Adoptions - Temporary Custody by a Family Member - Name Change

Florida Estate Planning Attorney Lauren Richardson is pleased to provide legal services in certain areas of family law. These areas include the following:


Pre-Nuptial Agreements - Prior to marriage, it is important to consider whether a pre-nuptial agreement would help you preserve your wealth in case of a divorce or in case of your death if you have children from a previous marriage or relationship. Please contact us as early as possible prior to your marriage, so that there is time to properly negotiate and enter into your agreement before your wedding day.


Adoption or temporary custody by a family member - Often a potential client will call about guardianship of a minor family member and after a review of the situation, either a relative adoption or temporary custody by a family member turns out to be the better option. Attorney Richardson will explore all of your options and help you determine which type of case should be filed for you to provide the care and protection of your minor loved one.


Name change - Whether you'd like to change your name back to your maiden name, change the names of several family members all at once, or change your name for any reason whatsoever, Attorney Richardson can help you navigate the name change process including fingerprinting and background checks, filing the name change petition and proposed court order, and attending the court hearing where you will give testimony in support of your name change or that of your minor children.


Give us a call to discuss your family law case. By the end of the call, you will know more about what is involved and what it will cost to proceed.

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