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Estate Planning Packages - Pricing Menu - 2022

Each estate plan starts with a free 15 minute phone consultation. Plans include the following: estate planning questionnaire (larger estates), initial consultation with asset review and discussion of wishes, goals, and details to customize your plan; document preparation; document review; document signing appointment; packet with originals and extra copies; and attorney instruction letter. Plans with a trust include instructions for and help with trust funding as needed.


Simple Will Package                                                                          Will With Trust for Minors Package
Last Will and Testament                                                                       Last Will and Testament w/Trust for Minors
Durable Power of Attorney                                                                  Durable Power of Attorney
Designation of Health Care Surrogate                                                 Designation of Health Care Surrogate
Living Will                                                                                           Living Will
Single person: $600                                                                             Single person: $800
Couple: $800                                                                                       Couple: $1000

Will With Supplemental Needs Trust for                                       Revocable Living Trust Package 
Disabled Beneficiary Package                                                          Revocable Living Trust Agreement
Last Will and Testament w/Suppl. Needs Trust                                  “Pourover” Will
Durable Power of Attorney                                                                 Durable Power of Attorney
Designation of Health Care Surrogate                                                Designation of Health Care Surrogate
Living Will                                                                                          Living Will
Single person: $1,200                                                                         Single Grantor: $2,000
Couple: $1,500                                                                                   Couple with Joint Trust: $2,500


Durable Power of Attorney Package                                              Durable Power of Attorney w/ Health 
Durable Power of Attorney                                                                Care Powers (single document)
Designation of Health Care Surrogate                                               Single person: $150
Living Will                                                                                         Couple: $200
Single person: $400
Couple: $500

Additional Documents:
Enhanced Life Estate Deed including recording fees (“ladybird” deed): $250
Deed Into Trust including recording fees (for trust funding): $250

Fees estimates for more complex estate plans are based on the information provided on the potential client’s estate planning questionnaire and initial phone consultation
More Complex Estate Plans include Revocable Trusts with Estate Tax Planning, Revocable Trusts with Supplemental Needs Subtrust for Disabled Beneficiary, Special Needs Trusts, Disability Trusts, Other Customized Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Business Succession Planning, Complex Generational Planning, Pet Trusts.