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Beware of Elder Abuse

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics legend and figurehead, currently faces a challenge that is unfortunately still common for many individuals reaching a vulnerable age. Like many individuals, Lee had a very successful career garnering lots of money and assets. Because he has now reached an age where he can be more easily manipulated physically, mentally and emotionally, Lee would now be considered a vulnerable senior adult, even with all of his resources. When Lee’s wife, Joan, passed away in 2017, Keya Morgan, memorabilia collector and supposed caretaker of Lee, took advantage of Lee’s vulnerable state and sought to isolate Lee from friends, family and associates to gain control over his assets. The elder abuse committed by Keya Morgan forced Lee to seek assistance from his former attorney, Tom Lallas. On June 11, 2018, Morgan was arrested for filing a false police report stating Lee was being robbed when actually two detectives and a social worker were performing a welfare check. As of now, Lee has a temporary restraining order against Morgan. It is important to recognize the warning signs of elder abuse and make a plan to try and protect yourself. Elder Abuse Awareness Day was created because of the severity and frequency of such abuses. Stories like this highlight the importance of spreading awareness. Contact the attorneys at Lauren Richardson Law, PLLC to discuss the steps you can take to try and avoid elder abuse as you reach what should be your golden years.

Below are some recommendations for how people can avoid elder abuse:

  • Create a revocable trust

  • Consolidate your assets

  • Designate trustworthy trustees


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