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Is it Necessary to Include Ceremony Arrangements and Funeral Wishes in a Will?

Wills are necessary for individuals to express their end-of-life wishes and how they would like their assets to be distributed upon their death. One of the most common questions for estate-planning attorneys has to do with whether a person should include his/her funeral arrangements and plans in his/her will. While planning for the future is always a good idea, these specifications are unlikely needed to be outlined in a will. Funeral wishes and ceremony arrangements are plans that are subject to change and are almost never permanent. Also, funeral arrangements can be very personal and private. Because wills can become subject to public record it is not a good idea to include them in your will. However, these specifications and wishes are important for the estate-planning attorney to know. Instead, a person should provide the estate-planning attorney with this information in order to advise and give proper guidance to the deceased person’s beneficiaries.

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