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Cypress Bank & Trust Visits Lauren Richardson Law

By: Laura Thomas

On June 25th, Lauren Richardson Law had the pleasure of hosting representatives from Cypress Bank & Trust for a collaborative meeting. This gathering was an excellent opportunity to share insights about our respective services and explore potential opportunities to work together to serve clients.

Sascha Rizzo, Senior Portfolio Officer, Lisa Amoroso, Senior Trust Officer, and Raphael Lima, Junior Investment Officer, made the trip to Gainesville from Winter park to engage in an insightful discussion with our team over a great lunch. The conversation focused on the vital aspects of estate planning, including the creation and management of trusts to protect assets and ensure the controlled distribution of wealth, and the benefits of a corporate trustee.

In the realm of estate planning, the goal is to build, manage, and protect your legacy. However, the complexity and time commitment involved in managing a trust can be daunting. This is where the option of choosing the trust administration and investment management service of a Corporate Trustee, such as those offered by Cypress Bank & Trust, becomes invaluable.

Why Choose a Corporate Trustee?

Benefits a Corporate Trustee can Provide: A corporate trustee brings extensive expertise in managing trusts, ensuring compliance with legal and financial regulations. Their experience helps in making informed decisions that align with the best interests of the beneficiaries.

Investment Tools and Goals: Corporate trustees have access to a wide range of investment opportunities and employ professional portfolio managers. This often leads to better investment strategies and reaching goals compared to individual trustees who may lack such resources and expertise.

Reliable, Professional Service Provided: With a corporate trustee, you receive consistent and professional service, backed by established protocols and support teams. This reliability ensures that the trust is managed efficiently and effectively, regardless of individual circumstances or changes.

Peace of Mind: Choosing a corporate trustee provides peace of mind knowing that your trust is managed by a professional and neutral third party. This reduces potential conflicts of interest and personal biases, ensuring that the trust's objectives are met efficiently and impartially.

We are excited about building upon this new relationship with Cypress Bank & Trust and look forward to continuing our mission of serving clients across Florida to meet their estate planning goals.


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