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UF Law Joins the Florida Bar's #WellLawyer Initiative

The Florida Bar’s G. Kirk Haas Humanitarian award recipient, Carl Schwait, used this award to his advantage by creating an event to highlight the need to balance and prioritize a person’s work-life in law school and after on. The event took place on April 10 and was able to put a fun spin on the talks and discussions about the serious topic of mental health. Daniel-John (DJ) Sewell, selected by Schwait as the Bar’s G. Kirk Haas Humanitarian award recipient, was one of the speakers at the four-hour event. University of Florida Levin law students, law school officials, and Bar leaders discussed the stress pursuing a legal education as well as the profession as a whole. The Bar leaders were able to speak and interact with the students about the importance of maintaining good health and mental wellness. The event concluded with a “two-hour open air wellness festival, featuring fun activities and access to physical and mental health resources.” Because the Florida Bar’s mental health #WellLawyer awareness campaign is relatively new, this event was able to showcase why the law community should ban together to take down the negative stigma associated with mental health.

At Lauren Richardson Law, PLLC, we see the importance of maintaining mental and physical health and wellness. We are glad to see how the Gainesville community has taken part to attract awareness to a cause that has become more and more important, especially in the law profession.


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